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Mortgage Application Documents

Mortgage Application(33k)
Disclosure Notices(17k)
Patriot Act Disclosure(10k)
Appraisal Disclosure(9k)
Servicing Disclosure(9k)
Credit Authorization and Release(59k)
Fair Lending Notice(17k)
Equal Credit Opportunity Act(25k)
Credit Score Disclosure(8k)
Flood Disaster Protection Act Disclosure(17k)
Good Faith Estimate(77k)
Itemization of Amount Financed(63k)
Truth in Lending Disclosure(88k)
HUD-1 Settlement Statement(118k)
Mortgage Application Handbooks

Dept. of HUD – Buying Your Home Brochure(165k)
Dept. of HUD – Fair Housing Brochure(91k)
EPA Lead Paint Disclosure(674k)
FRB Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages(339k)
Mortgage Application Tax-Related Documents

Tax Information Disclosure – IRS Form 8821(93k)
Request for Copy of Tax Return – IRS Form 4506(70k)
Request for Copy of Taxpayer ID Number – IRS Form W-9(52k)
Self Employed Income Analysis(86k)
Dept. of HUD – FHA Documents

Notice to Homebuyers(14k)
Home Inspection Disclosure(10k)
Informed Choice Disclosure(11k)
Appraised Value Disclosure(6k)
Gift Letter(6k)
Dept. of HUD – VA Documents

Mortgage Application Addendum(10k)
Loan Disclosure(7k)
Request for Veteran Status Certificate(8k)
Request for Eligibility Certificate(9k)
Verification of Benefit(10k)