Newsletter Archive

7/1/2006 Home buyers highly motivated, per harvard study
6/1/2006 Slowing rising rates spurs refi mortgage applications
4/1/2006 Mortgage rates and applications are up
3/1/2006 Cash-out mortgage applications up
2/1/2006 Fed rate rises again
11/1/2005 New mortgage trends noted
10/1/2005 Second highest year for home financing
9/1/2005 Katrina victims helped by mortgage organizations
8/1/2005 Mortgage rates and applications rise
7/1/2005 Home remodeling on the rise
6/1/2005 Refi mortgage applications increasing
5/20/2005 Home sales exceed expectations
4/3/2005 Mortgage interest rates rising
3/5/2005 New help for hispanic mortgage borrowers
2/8/2005 The mortgage market: a look ahead
1/3/2005 Mortgage trends in 2005
12/3/2004 Free credit report mandated
11/1/2004 Housing / mortgages: a look into the future
4/2/2004 Volume of mortgage originations growing
3/2/2004 Growing demand for cash-out refinance mortgages
2/2/2004 No down payment mortgages planned
1/6/2004 A look at year 2004 from a mortgage perspective
8/5/2003 Mortage rates rise, but are still a hot lure for homebuyers
7/2/2003 The fha streamline refinance program is a hit
4/2/2003 New mortgage plans developed
2/27/2003 2/1/2003 – new mortgage trends and rules
1/1/2003 Value bubble:  to burst or not to burst
11/1/2002 New mortgage concepts emerging
3/1/2002 More mortgages for remodeling
2/1/2002 Changes surfacing in mortgage offerings
1/1/2002 New / old mortgage plans emerging
10/4/2001 The impact of sept. 11 on home sales and mortgages
9/5/2001 Title insurance: understand it and save money
8/1/2001 Predatory mortgage lending: problem and solution
6/1/2001 Interestfirst mortgage loan
4/1/2001 The evolving mortgage market
1/1/2001 Controlling energy costs to protect home
9/1/2000 Youthful home buyers and mortgage borrowers strong in todays market
8/1/2000 Retirement home preferences changing mortgage needs
7/1/2000 Credit scoring and mortgage lending
2/1/2000 Lifting the veil of mystery on mortgages